The concept for the entry was to create a sculptural chess board by removing a quarter of the board and folding it up into a cube by connecting the newly exposed edges. A recent famous chess match, Rublevsky vs Grischuk 2007 game 9, was used as a suitable model.  In that game, the last play ended with one of the quadrants void of any pieces as well as at least one of each kind of chess piece still present on the remainder of the board.

Individual turners were assigned particular pieces to turn but the specific species of wood and the exact detailing of the pieces was left to their own artistic styling and technique.  Techniques used included:   faceplate, spindle, off center,  multi axis, and segmented turning as well as hand carving. The species of wood used included: American Black Walnut, American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, Blood Wood, Cocobolo, Corian, Hickory, Holly, Purple Heart, various Maples including Canadian Maple, Curly Maple, Soft Maple and Spalted Maple, Mahogany, Makore, Osage Orange, Pine, Yellow Heart, Wenge and Cherry Plywood.

Turners who participated in the project were:  Steve Blampied, Phillip Connolly, Frank DiFrancesco, Bill Dooley, Bernard Feinerman, Jim Flannery, Richard Friberg, Nigel Howe, Emillio Iannuccillo, Sidney Katz, Jeff Keller, Ian Manley, Wayne Miller, Benito Natale, David Rice, Nick Trubia, Michael Veno, Sr. The concept and assembly for the project was by Michael Veno, Sr.

chess cube

2011 entry


AAW Chapter collaborative challenge

Over the years, our club has participated in the AAW Chapters Collaborative Challenge.  Coming soon will be pictures and descriptions of past year entries.

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